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Association Awards

The Army Public Affairs Association is proud to sponsor or manage multiple awards for the Public Affairs profession. These include annual awards like the Galloway Lifetime Achievement Award and awards available at any time of the year like the Military Orders of Saint Gabriel.

Learn more about our awards programs and review our Awards Program SOP for complete information on how to submit. 

Joe Galloway Lifetime Achievement Award

The Joe Galloway Lifetime Achievement Award is an annual award intended to recognize a lifetime of sustained support to the U.S. Army – generally – and to the Army public affairs community – specifically – through extraordinary contributions to the practice and profession of public relations. 

Master Sgt. Marcia J. Triggs Award

The Master Sgt. Marcia J. Triggs award honors Noncommissioned Officer service to the Army Public Affairs community over a period of at least five years or more. The ideal candidate is one who made significant contributions to improving the professionalism of the public affairs career field. The candidate can come from the Active, Guard or Reserve components. 

Military Order of Saint Gabriel

The Army Public Affairs Association, in collaboration with OCPA, designed, approved and developed the Military Order of Saint Gabriel program to recognize those individuals who have made significant contributions to the U.S. Army Public Affairs community and practice.