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What We Do

What does the Army Public Affairs Association do?

  • Serves as a place for members to share best practices, experiences and socialize with one another in a supportive environment.

  • Serves as a think tank of collaborative public affairs knowledge and experience, within the Army, other government agencies and private industry.

  • Maintains strong ties to the Army public affairs family, providing a common bond of the membership and reinforces the Association’s enduring dedication to the Army and the nation.

  • Recognizes excellence in Army Public Affairs through the Military Order of Saint Gabriel, Galloway Lifetime Achievement Award and Master Sgt. Marcia Triggs Award of Excellence; in addition to supporting the Army's Maj. Gen Keith L. Ware Communications Awards program.

  • Promotes a lasting identity with the values of the Army and embraces recognition that every Army veteran and retiree is a Soldier for Life and a valued member of the Army team.

  • Enters into relationships with other Army alumni organizations to help advance the goals and objectives of Army public affairs and help ensure it is considered as a full partner in the development of esprit and loyalty to a Army veteran community that represents service to nation.

  • Works with other service organizations to promote the public affairs career field through education, mentorship and awareness.

  • Works with national public relations, business communications societies and academic institutions to promote and further the study of the field of military public affairs.

  • Provides its members with mentorship and transition assistance through a network of members who have applied the knowledge, skills and abilities gained from a career in Army public affairs to successful careers in corporate, private, academic and non-profit sectors.

  • Organizes professional events to enhance camaraderie among Army Public Affairs practitioners and provides a forum for networking among active, retired, military and civilian members of the Army public affairs community.

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